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July 26, 2006


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Rod McDavies

The new interface looks much better than I remember from six months ago. Jot has done a nice job of simplifying the interface.

We took a close look at http://www.Jotspot.com , http://www.Mediawiki.org , http://www.twiki.org and http://www.centraldesktop.com

Our firm (advertising firm) evaluated all of them primarily for ease of use. We started out with free wikis and then made our way over to Jot and CentralDesktop.

We found the "free wikis" to be far too complex, requiring our users to learn Wiki Mark-up.

Both Jot and Central Desktop made editing pages FAR EASIER with their WYSIWYG editors. We ultimately decided on CentralDesktop after our users' kept getting lost in the complicated nature of Jot.

If I were starting from scratch I might take another look at Jot.

But alas, we are hooked on Central Desktop now and feel that they have an easier interface and more powerful solution


Thanks - that's helpful. Can I ask what you use the Wiki for?


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