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January 05, 2007



087 numbers cost *up to* 10p a minute.


That doesn't necessarily mean that the MS Press Office number is 10p a minute, mind.

Chris Green

True, but it probably is, and several PR companies I regularly speak to have confirmed they too are operating their 087 non-geographic numbers at maximum revenue levels in order to offset the cost of outgoing phone charges.

Things must be getting tough for some of the larger agencies!!!


I read those examples with a heavy heart.
We are relative new-comers to the PR game and with each new PR client, we do a review to advise of journalists and media we can effectively target and to try to get the client to see how each may see their story differently and what aspect they may be interested in.

As with any new company, we were given loads of business advice and a lot of it was nonsense. We had an 0870 number and changed it back sharpish.

I have been lurking around your blog for a while and thought I'd post my first comment, all best to you.

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