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June 06, 2007


Richard Bailey

Interesting... Unlike you, I'm outside the London loop and can't guess who's behind TWL. Though I sense it's more of an inside job than Spin Bunny (my wild guess was that Mike Magee would have been involved in that project).

I don't dislike or disapprove of what they're doing, but decided some time ago not to link to anonymous blogs (eg Strumpette), so that's that.


To be honest, I think TWL also suffers on the link love front because people are scared that the spotlight may be turned on them.

While TWL does many things marvellously, it is a tad scathing about individuals it finds lacking - Richard Millington, anyone?

Not that this is a bad thing per se, but I definitely think there's a sense of opening yourself up to potential ridicule every time you engage with the site.

Fortunately, my life is inherently ridiculous so I have (almost) no fear in this regard.

Andrew Smith

To respond to 2 comments in one go:

Richard - I don't think TWL is going to be generally anonymous for much longer - so you might be able to restore that link soon.

Sally - I do think TWL only exposes the worst stupidity - and it would be depressing if this really does charactise the majority of the business (which I don't think TWL believes either) - as I said, people just need to lighten up a bit

...The World's Leading...

Hey Andrew,

Thanks for this post - a neat summary of our very enjoyable tete-a-tete. Lovely wine too...and a splendid little location you've found for Object.

Let's do it again soon.


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