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July 24, 2006


Richard Bailey

If I did agree to do this, I always preferred to take the visiting exec to the media rather than the other way round. More humbling, more challenging, more open to informal conversations in lifts and corridors.

Andrew Smith

Indeed - though as we all know, there are some CEOs who clearly believe that the press have a duty to make the effort to come to them rather than the other way round....something along the lines of "I earn 30 times more than you - so my time is obviously more valuable - it can't be wasted travelling to meet the likes of you."

Chris Edwards

I should point out that the invitation wasn't particularly bad - it was pretty typical. It just happened to be the one that turned up around the time I was thinking about doing the post.

On the "if your behaviour doesn't mirror your words, it sends the wrong kind of message" point, I agree. My favourite example of this is when you get someone telling you how important to the exec it is that you come along (which you generally discount anyway) but when you turn up to the meeting, the PR turns to you and asks: "Could you tell us a bit about yourself and the magazine?..."

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