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August 17, 2007


Morton Doodslag

I think you've got the story backwards...

I live in Hollywood -- I know first hand that for the last 25 years staggering wealth flowed into the coffers of publishers, retailers, and musicians as a result of digital technology and their greedy stranglehold over the technology and their heartless price-fixing schemes.

Their cost of production and distribution costs plummeted exponentially, yet the mandarins of music kept raising prices and gouging consumers thereby.

The REAL story is the fact that It took 25 years to finally break their virtual stranglehold and pass savings onto the worthy and long suffering consumers of music.

THAT is the real story...

Andrew Smith

Morton - thanks for the comment. I guess the question that intrigues me is how musicians are to be encouraged to create and be fairly compensated in a world that expects everything for nothing (or nearly nothing).


This is a bit overblown - "the CD actually contained the seeds of its own downfall" - the fact is that audio and digital technology had been on a collision course since the mid 1940's, and it was simply a matter of time before a consumer format had to enter the marketplace.

I don't think it's fair to lay the death of the music business on the CD. Truthfully, it's the business that "contained the seeds of its own downfall", whether or not it realized it. Meanwhile, the Internet (more frequently vilified in this fight) has begun to fill the void with DIY distribution, marketing, promotion, merchandise...

Andrew Smith

Scott - I agree there might be a bit of journalistic licence in describing ALL of the current travails of the music biz to the CD - no one then could possibly have forseen the advent of the Internet and rapid advance of digital technology. However, no question that the traditional music label giants are going to have to figure out a new way to operate in this world - I think we all know they have been able to exploit a position of power until now - but what will replace it?

Perhaps the Internet will create a truly level playing field - or not. I still think the jury is out.

Morton Doodslag

I agree that the jury is out regarding the "level playing field" theory of the internet -- mainly because I'm not sure exactly how the potential for generating a revenue stream will shake out...this is true for just about anyone who publishes -- text, music, films, etc.

Currently we see a very interesting model in "YouTube", both for exposure, and for generating dollars through mouse clicks and advertising.

I'm a bit dubious about the supposed link between the lure of money and an artist's willingness to generate music. Sure, it may motivate some, but in the end, a good songwriter with a passion will write music and produce in any event. Digital tech has also exponentially lessened the expense of producing, as I pointed out above, and this, perhaps is more than adequate to compensate for those who will not write because the pay isn't adequate.


I do not believe this


Well said.


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