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August 24, 2007


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Puma Shoes

Japan and South Korea in 2002 during the World Cup soccer, other sports brand to seize this rare opportunity to pay big bucks to get official sponsorship, sign a contract with the big stars. PUMA avoid the such en masse common that lack of features, they signed a sponsorship contract with the Jamaica, and Tunisia in African teams. On one hand, such outstanding African teams, the appearance rate is high, and expenditure was lower than the big-name teams a lot; On the other hand, Jamaica and Tunisia character suits PUMA brand because sport is not just blood, sweat and tears, but also endless fun. With different from other competitors in the mass advertising and promotion investment, cheap puma speed cat shoes for women limited marketing funds into a low-cost guerrilla marketing and creative activities. In 2002, PUMA advertising expenditure in the U.S. is only $ 3.9 million less than competitors such as Nike and Reebok a fraction.

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