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September 27, 2007


Stephen Waddington

Agencies have done what we did: bid up prices for common keywords such as "tech PR agency" and then jumped out when it got too expensive. But Google has held its prices - presumably because people are willing to pay.

BTW "Rainier PR" costs £0.72. There's at least 3 or 4 agencies using it as a keyword, which I take as a huge complement :-)

Andrew Smith


BTW - does seem that a lot of the larger tech agencies don't command high CPCs on their names eg Brands2life is only £0.04. Bizarrely, if you try checking out Hotwire PR, it doesn't seem to return anything - however, it does suggest as an alternative term, Cheap PR - ;-)

Flour Mill

Thanks for these. The promo codes are wonderful and make something that is very good, even better. Terrific vslue and savings from Tracfone. Thank again!

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