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September 21, 2007


Ben Roome

Smithy - Have not read the book, but your précis of the low information diet section gives the impression that newspapers, magazines are only read for work-relevant information, as opposed to for their own sake because people are interested in what's going on in the world and feeling connected to a collective humanity.

Andrew Smith

Ben - his point is in relation to work-relevant info - the thrust of his argument would be that if you want to read then it should be as a result of freeing up your time to do that - because that's what you want to do - although if you read his blog he does seem to advocate an extreme position that suggests most media consumption is a waste of time.....

Sally Whittle

Hi Andrew

It's an interesting point, but personally not reading newspapers and magazines would seriously compromise my ability to generate income.

As an example, I was reading an article in the Virgin Trains magazine yesterday, which gave me an idea I pitched to an HR title.

Given that half the stuff I do is probably pitched proactively, I can't see another way of generating new ideas and seeing what's already been done. And I'd imagine the same applies to PR types, no?

Andrew Smith

Hi Sally - I agree that his argument does somewhat fall down in relation to jobs and professions that hinge upon reading newspapers, mags, blogs, etc - like PR and journalism. But I suspect he would suggest making sure that the amount of time you do spend on these activities is kept to a productive minimum - ie don't let "research" become an open ended time sink. In fact, he'd argue that any job that relies on you devoting large amounts of time to it is not one to have. To create your ideal lifestyle, you need to :
a) have your business
b) sell a product not a service
c) make it web based
d) outsource everything
e) generate the income you need to do what you reall want without having to spend time on it

Easy, eh? ;-)

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