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October 23, 2007


Tim Hoang

sh*t it wasn't me was it...?

Fiona Blamey

I'm still no wiser about the porn tree - can someone elucidate?


The porn tree - ah those were the days. No - no further details available for public consumption.

Chris Long

Sorry about the late arrival to this one - it was, I think, a simple miscommunication, I said ‘I will run the story if you give me champagne’ and then when they threw it it missed my mouth – which, given I am a journalist, is as a spectacular miss as you are likely to get...

Although, Andrew: for goodness sake, blogging when you could be drinking, get a grip man!


Flour Mill

I'll follow you there. RL interevened and I was not able to check out a lot of stuff. Now that I am back am doing it with a vengeance.

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